(UPDATED 2018)

As we have now arrived in 2018, what is going to be this years trend in guttering? Well, from what we have seen anthracite grey aluminium guttering is going to be the premier choice colour. Could the colour of your gutters really improve the value of your property?

Why anthracite grey?

The popularity of anthracite grey guttering is down to two things. Firstly anthracite grey aluminium guttering gives a home a contemporary look. Secondly black and white guttering tends to be a bit boring, “why have something that everyone else has”.


Aluminium guttering in 2018 is going through some other key inclinations.

Other trendy shades

Nature is the biggest motivation this year in aluminium guttering color palette. Take for an instance- the shade called leafy green. This has turned into a smashing hit since its launch into the market. Denim Drift is another hottest tint that is trending.

Glowing color contour is picking up traction as well.  Honey Glow, a shade of yellow, is ruling the roost outside the neutral color zone. Do you cherish bold hue in your home exterior? Then you may root for Violet Verbana. This is a shade of purple and has gained a number of admirers amidst property holders already.

However, the wood-look for gutter is quite classic and still is in vogue. In case you want your house to stand out, why not go for teak-hued gutter?

Aluminium is still hip

Aluminum guttering is most well known among the builders and house owners- alike. Apart from durability (it can last as long as 30 years) and low cost, it has smooth surface. This in turn leads to easy spread of the paint. The leading guttering companies will give you plenty of choices in terms of color schemes. You are surely going to discover your dream color on the list.

Home owners these days are time-strapped. Aluminium is low-on-maintenance and that’s why 2017 is also witnessing a surge in the interest for aluminium guttering. Whether you are seeking out professional help in cleaning off or paint aluminium gutter or doing it yourself – you will find lots of options in both of the cases. The cost-effectiveness of this particular metal has been stated above. Apart from this, aluminium gutter can bear with any outrageous weather- be it storming or snowfall.

Also resale value of a house is on the top priority list of any property holder nowadays. The curb appeal of a house increases when its window-and-door trims match up with the color of gutter. In 2017, the home owners are becoming more competitive in pulling up a high price for their residencies. That’s why from nowonwords, the home construction market will definitely witness matching trim and gutter shade.

Eco-friendly guttering is trending

As the world is becoming keener on sustainable development, how can the guttering industry be any exception? Recycled aluminium is a hip material now to use in building gutters. This contributes zero toxins to the environment- thus making it the most sizzling metal among new-age home buyers. On the off chance you are interested in going the earth-friendly way while building the gutter of your house, don’t hesitate to spend extra in sourcing off the recycled aluminium metal.

You shall be rewarded with peril-free living environment and low-maintenance draining system in turn. Also sustainable aluminium is averse to easy corrosion or dampening. So that’s another bonus point to care for Mother Nature.

Keep in mind that even for the hardest DIY enthusiast, recycling and installing an aluminium gutter itself won’t be an easy task. Hiring a reputed contractor would be the ideal way to go forward here.

What happens when you have no plan to replace your old gutter with an eco-friendly one? Well, use organic cleaning solutions in that case. Add rain barrel to your gutter to conserve resources. Downspouts extension is another sustainable way to channelize water from gutter to garden.

Innovative gadgets

Whoever has thought that robots can clean off gutters one day? Innovation is catching up with the building industry too. Keep yourself updated with the latest gadgets about gutter scrubbing. Vacuum gutter cleaning kit is topping the chart among various cleaning devices. This special kit includes 120 degree nozzle and expandable wands. These key parts blast away even the last particle out of the gutter. AirLeave is another well-liked gadget that cleans off the gutter by generating strong air-thrusts. Pressure Washer Gutter Sprayer is another water-based tool that is having its moments of fame among house proprietors.

Internet is becoming key influencer

Web is becoming a chief influencer in deciding everything for the millennial house holders- be it the color of guttering to design to earth-friendly materials. Regardless of whether it’s joining Facebook groups to connect with other house owners or going through the house decorating catalogues- the digital medium makes everything easier.

Want to know whether the biggest contractor of your locality has your favorite gutter shade? Go the website, gather the mail id and shoot off an e-mail requesting for PDF copy of color chart. Reputed companies sometimes provide color palette links in their official sites themselves.

Apart from RAL color chart, most of the reputed sites will show you a diverse collection of BS color graphs too. They also contain different types of finishes that go hand-in-hand with the shade of your gutter.

Googling can land you up at various pages that teach the buyers about distinctive gutter designs and materials.  These articles or blogs are generally written by construction experts.

Besides the trending palettes of this season, you will find plenty of tips to maintain the gutter for different seasons- be it spring or autumn. Learn DIY techniques, latest cleaning arrangements and house exterior decoration tips. Digital medium is now gives you the freedom to do all these while moving from one place to another. So enjoy it fully.

DIY is gaining traction

DIY painting or scrubbing of aluminium gutters is quite a trend in this year. For DIY gutter painting, you need few tools such as- paint brushes, ladder, soap, primer, hose, paint scrapper and grout sponges. Make sure that you have enough safety gears and adequate helping hands (friends, family members) at disposal to execute a specific task.

For cleaning purpose, you need to have necessary instruments including ladder, goggle, gloves, plastic scoops among others. Different seasons have distinctive cleaning methods. These techniques also vary depending upon your house’s structure and height.

On the off chance you have not done gutter cleaning before, do it under expert supervision for the first time. In case things won’t go as you planned, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help.

YouTube videos are also there to teach your step-by-step DIY gutter painting, cleaning or small mending jobs. Side note: you can’t achieve the pro-finish if you are not experienced.

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