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Aluminium guttering has long been the favoured material for guttering by professional roofers and roofing contractors. They know the advantages of using aluminium and how it compares to other methods, but do you? Let’s look at how this popular guttering material compares to the widely-used UPVC guttering.

Durability Test

Aluminium is very durable. It can hold up under adverse weather conditions, and it will last for years without needing maintenance or repairs. It also does not rust, and even falling branches or other physical attacks will rarely make a difference in its performance.

UPVC, on the other hand, is quite brittle. The lowest quality plastic guttering will decay under intense sunlight or just through natural wear and tear over a short period of time. And UPVC gutters can be damaged simply by leaning a ladder on them, to say nothing of the damage caused by falling branches or hailstones.Also UPVC could deteriorate from exposure to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. It’s also more likely to break or be damaged if hit by a tree branch or storm debris.

UPVC gutters will probably need replacing before aluminium gutters will, but if installed properly, the will last for a while. Rest assured, the UPVC gutters we install are of the highest quality. We use high quality plastic and minimize seams to keep the integrity of the gutter strong. We only use the very best for our customers, no matter which material you choose.

On a positive note Plastic is more flexible than metal, so UPVC gutters can take a little bit push without bending or denting. They don’t require painting because if they are scratched or dinged, the colour is the same through the entire thickness of the material and the damage won’t obviously show.

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Value for Money

UPVC gutters may be cheaper than aluminium gutters, but they don’t last nearly as long. Aluminium is actually quite cheap, especially when compared to the costlier steel gutters. And their durability means that investing in aluminium gutters is a sound decision.

Maintenance costs are low for both of them, but once a UPVC pipe is broken, it won’t retain its functionality. And even repairing it will not help much, as it will be weaker than before. Aluminium gutters require very little maintenance and upkeep over time. If they are damaged, they can often just be bent back into shape and still be perfectly usable.


Aluminium gutters are versatile, and you can shape them without much trouble to fit the design of your house. If you have bought UPVC gutters that aren’t made for the shape of your house, you may be wasting money. They cannot be reshaped or modified to make them work for any other shape than the one they are already in.

And if your UPVC gutter is damaged, it is going to start leaking and losing its usefulness. Aluminium, on the other hand, does not leak. If it becomes damaged, it will usually tend to just warp or bend, and correcting the problem is often as simple as bending or pounding it back into its original shape.

The Winner

If you want guttering that will last and that has some real worth, you definitely need to go with a seamless aluminium gutter rainwater system.

We have also created a seamless aluminium guttering benefits infographic for you to view and share.

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