man fitting Aluminum Guttering to houseMost people first thoughts when they think about environment friendly as car’s emissions, laundry-detergents, and maybe the heating source in the winter. Environment friendly guttering and roofing is probably not the first, or even the last thing on their minds. Now that people are being educated about the enviromental impact of guttering, we can expect a drastic change in the upcoming years. Why not have a professional company like fantastic cleaners check out your guttering for peace of mind.

To live a truly environmental friendly lifestyle, we cannot avoid what goes on top of our house where we feel most comfortable. Nowadays, eco friendly roofing and guttering installation is readily available and in a wide variety of materials and styles. These come in primarily three types:

  1. Installed using recycled materials
  2. Setup using the renewable resources, and
  3. Applying material that generates energy

Let’s see how this really fits in with Environment friendly guttering and roofing.

Going Eco Friendly With Roofing

eco friendly roofing

Cool Roofing

These kinds of roofs represent the staggering growth segment of the roofing industry. The materials used are a mixture of white glue and white gravel that serve to reflect back the suns rays and thus reduces the heat invading the home. Less heat means decreased need for air conditioning, which reduces energy consumption produced from coal-fired power plants.


Wood Shingles

Wood roofs are quite durable as they generally last nearly 15 to 20 years. Also, the best part about wood shingles is that these can be recycled when the time comes to replace the roof, and the original materials can be manufactured from the recycled wood. Thus, the life cycle of wood shingles is long lasting.

Metal Roofs

measuring roofLikewise, metal roofs can be manufactured from recycled metal products at the time of roof replacement. There’s no denying that metal roofs can actually last 50 years or more whilst reflecting the heat and minimizing the energy costs down.

Going Green With Guttering

water saving guttering

Saving Energy

By using wet insulation systems, it is easier to prevent leaking sidings and windows that soak the insulation between the walls causing the energy bills to go high.

Conserving Rainwater

Rainwater is the purest water which should be conserved through proper guttering system, saved in rain collectors and/or should be drained to storage.

Protecting Natural Resources

You can protect natural resources by using recycled metal. For seamless guttering recycled aluminium, copper or steel make a durable guttering system.

Going green is a lifestyle, and by using environmental friendly guttering and roofing can contribute to the noble cause altogether.

From the above points, we have learned about popular eco-friendly guttering and roofing techniques. Let’s discover some more-

Tiled Roofs

Clay tiles can protect your rooftop beautifully from outrageous cold or brutal temperature. This eco-friendly material is completely recyclable and low-on-upkeep. In addition, they can reflect heat just like aluminium or copper. Clay titles likewise increase the curb-appeal of your house.

When it comes to the lethal combination of earth-friendliness as well as durability- slate tiles will win hands-down. Do you know how long a slate-tiled roof can last? It’s for centuries! Unbelievable, right? Be that as it may, this is the reality. Slates tiles can be retrieved and re-used–thus making it more earth-friendly.

Other Cutting-Edge Materials

Solar panels as well as wind-turbines are the futuristic roofing materials, which are becoming noticeable each passing year. Let’s discuss about solar framed roofs first. Small solar panels are inserted into shingles or aluminium/copper metals, for driving forth the utilization of solar electricity.

On the other hand, placing in baby win-turbines inside the shingles of your roof-top is another coolest example of earth-friendly housing innovation. Here, the wind turbines channel the gusts of wind blowing over your house to convert them into sources of energy. Do keep it in mind that both of these technologies are pretty expensive. So consulting with a building pro is required to figure out your budget and prerequisites- before you install them.

Plant Roofs

Horticulture roofs are gaining tractions for the last few years and believe in us, it’s going to rule the rest of the year too. You might grow hedges, shrubs or even your own organic kitchen garden on rooftop. First, coat the rooftop with water-proof sealant. Then spread-on soil with the density of 3”-24” all over it. Finally, plant the saplings and seeds based on the climate, soil and the roof density.

Of course plant roofing will take your energy and a sizeable investment. But the satisfaction you will receive in return shall be fulfilling.

Irrigation Via Gutter

Do you know garden irrigation is possible through your gutters? Does it sound an impossible deed to accomplish? Well, then rest assured as we are spouting the facts. During scorching heat, your garden landscape needs plenty of watering.

You can easily set-up a pipe at the end of down-spout, and then bury the other end of the shaft inside the earth of your back-yard. In this way, the gutter water will spill out of the pipe and cultivate the earth around, for growing trees. On the off chance that your garden is expansive, you may go for establishing several gutter tube systems for the irrigation purpose.

Say No To PVC Gutters

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a widely-acknowledged material for producing gutters. But you will be shocked to know that level of toxicity this PVC carries. PVC plastic discharges dioxins- a chemical that not only has a disastrous effect on human immunity, but also it poisons the earth and the water underneath.

Likewise with time, PVC plastic wears off faster and turns fragile. At the point it’s snowing vigorously outside, the PVC gutter of your house won’t bear out the load of excessive snow heap, as swiftly as any metallic gutter.

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