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Fascias, Soffits & Barge Boards

Ever noticed the roofline to your home? Well, the roof of your home has a little more detail to it than you might know. Normally, we only notice the most prominent features of a roof such as large slopes and overlapping tiles, but there are several other elements that form a roof and are essential to its function. There are three main elements that are an essential part of any roof: Soffits, Fascias and Barge Boards – when used in combination with guttering, their role is crucial in keeping your house pest free and free of any leakages.

Where Are Fascias, Soffits And Bargeboards Located?

These core features are essentials to any roof and therefore a well maintained roof will keep your home warm and dry for years. Fascias, soffits and bargeboards are commonly used to tone up the look of your roof, and make your property visually appealing to visitors. These features are situated at the roofline, particularly the area where the edge of the roof’s slope meets the upper part of the exterior walls. So, you will find fascias, soffits, bargeboards and guttering, as they all play their respective roles being a part of your roof.

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As most people are not familiar with these terms, let’s see what they are, what their purpose is and how they function.

What Are Fascias?

Running horizontally across the roofline, fascias are long boards of plastic or wood that are fixed onto the exterior or exposed roof rafters, or at the top of the outer walls. These fascia boards cover the edges of various fittings, and waterproof the gap. It sort of wraps up the edges so it can protect the inside materials, and on the outside serves as an aesthetic function. They come in various colours and patterns to be found easily in the market.

They also serve to provide concrete support to the last or lower row of roof tiles, to hold them together in place. Besides, guttering is usually fixed onto these horizontal boards, so they are carriers to manage the weight of rainwater too.

What Are Soffits?

Underside of fascia boards, Soffits are the boards that extend underneath, bridging the gap beneath the top of the exterior wall as well as the fascias to further guard the roofline. Soffits can barely be seen from a bird’s eye view because they run under the fascia boards, but they are visible from the floor level. These often integrate vents to allow for the cool air flow into the inner areas of the roof. It is advisable to inspect whether they should be placed as they prevent condensation inside the roof and may lead to damp, decay and leak issues. Soffits are also quite exposed to weather causing them certain damage from rain, wind, snow or hail.

What Are Bargeboards?

Bargeboards are firmly fixed to the edge of a roof’s gables and make a significant impact on the look of a home. Their primary purpose is to serve visual aesthetics on a roof, which is again an important function. Bargeboards are commonly made of wood and follow the roof’s pitch to cover up and protect any exposed fitting materials. These are available in numerous design patterns and also in plain colours to match the look of your home.

At Bespoke Guttering we supply and install a wide range of Bargeboards, soffits and fascias to all properties throughout the UK.

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From the above points, we got to learn the definitions and positions of fascias, bargeboards and soffits. Let’s find out more about the buying and maintenance tips for each of them.

Buying Fascias

Cypress is one of the most in-demand materials for producing fascia boards. Cypress wood is averse to decaying in the long run. In addition, its grain texture permits Cypress fascias least-prone to bending or splitting. There is a plethora of fascia boards in the market, in terms of style and color. Does your house require bull nose fascia board or the square one? Just in case, you are clueless to decide by yourself, don’t hesitate to call up an expert. Fascias are also available in multiple colors like white, mahogany, and cream to name a few.

Fascia Maintenance

Proper nailing is by far the most effective care you may give to the fascias. Instruct the carpenter/contractor to not nail the fascia board towards the end of the grain. It would be best, if there are pre-drilled holes on the fascias before fastening the boards finally.

It might require time and physical labor to take utmost care before hammering the nail on the right places of fascias, but it will definitely save the boards from internal leakage. The classic galvanized ones or the stainless steel nails should be the ideal choices for the longevity of these boards.

Know Barge Boards Better

Barge boards’ purchase and maintenance resemble that of fascias. You will find square, bull nose, flat – the popular choices for barge boards in the market. The most typical mistake house-proprietors do whereas repairing barge board is that- putting up a capping over the old one. This eventually accelerates the decaying process of the prevailing board (and most of the times, the fascia along with it) more.

In case, you are craving for cheaper substitute and have little patience for high-maintenance, then opt for plastic barge boards.

Repairing Soffits

Repairing soffits involves multiple steps. Rotted soffits affect rafters, shingle molds and fascias. This decaying can stem from various factors- from excess down pouring leading- to- water seepage to nesting by birds over or inside eaves. Anyway, DIY replacement is not recommended and it’s perpetually advisable to ring up a housing expert to first examine the degree of rot of the soffits. Ensure that post-replacement, the soffit edge should be covered with water- resistant sealer, protecting it from further damage.

Soffits Purchase Tips

Do you have a spacious roof and a tight budget? Then hollow soffit must be the ideal solution for you.  Another winning factor of hollow soffits is- they are pretty simple to set-up.  An experienced DIY enthusiast might want to attempt replacing the old soffits on his/her own. Make sure you have safety gears in that case, though it’s next to impossible to get pro-finish.

For nitpicky home proprietor, who is always alert for the roofline condition, pre-ventilated soffit can be an excellent selection.

This board flaunts pre-drilled ventilating holes. Lastly, solid soffit will always be there, on the off chance you are a fan of basic and age-old alternative. This is definitely the most commonly used soffit.

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