before and after gutter cleaningLet’s thank the amazing advancement in digital technology because you don’t have to clean your gutters yourself. It’s a little easier today to cross tasks off your to-do list with the help of latest gadgets available for your guttering. They are fast, safer and efficiently time saving!

Cleaning your gutters can be really frustrating with all the squeezing and plunging to unclog the guttering, and while the gutter cleaning robot isn’t going to do the whole job for you it will make the whole process pretty much easier. These handy device help you maintain your gutters throughout the seasons.

The Gutter Cleaning Robot: iRobot Looj 330

Kick back and let the iRobot clean the gutters for you!

iRobot is there to clean your gutters for you without having much of your physical involvement. It is a remote controlled robot which completely cleans out the guttering by getting rid of branches, leaves, dirt, debris and anything else clogging up the gutters.

How It Works?

Simply place the iRobot in your gutter and press the start button to begin the cleaning process. The powerful auger attached to this gadget rotates at 500 rpm and uses its durable plastic & rubber blades to remove and dislocate stubborn debris inside the gutters. It is really easy to use and keeps you from having to stand on the top of the ladder for too long. Just charge it up and use the wireless controller to send it on its way to one end of your gutter. This iRobot Looj 330 gadget stays charged for 3 hours and can easily clean 30 feet of gutter in just 5 minutes.

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It’s faster And Safer – You Bet!

Not only will you save plenty of time by using the iRobot gadget but it’s also a much safer alternative to get your guttering cleaned. It eliminates your need of having to constantly reposition and stand on your tip-toes on those dangerous heights as long as you are cleaning the gutter yourself. iRobot ensures faster cleaning process of your gutters so you can finish off tasks on your to-do lists much quickly.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can get this gadget iRobot Looj 330 for only £300, and it is slightly expensive. But have you wondered if you pay someone else to do it for you just once, it costs you an average of £200 or more. Then what’s your excuse of not getting one for yourself?

Besides robots, there are other cool appliances to clean up gutter. Let’s find out-

Magic Gutter Bags

Popularly known as magic bags, these little pouches can clean up your gutter without the utilization of ladder, scoop, blower or other such instrument. The best time to use these bags has to be the post-autumn period. Just toss up few sachets on your rooftop from below.

Once it starts raining, the biodegradable solution will break off leaves and other rubbishes. What’s the best part about using them? Twice-a-year clean up is enough to ensure that your rooftop is devoid of unhygienic trash heap.

Gutter Clutter Buster

Gutter Clutter Buster (aka GCB) is the newest addition-on-the-block among DIY gutter cleaning tools. No more injuring your knees while climbing up the ladder! With GCB, you can remove the debris of a two-storied building from the ground. This kit comes with 3 separate pieces, which are pretty easy to assemble together.

Whether you want to attach it with dry vacuum or the wet one, the powerful suction system of GCB will pull off even the stickiest particles from twisted angles. The latest upgradation of GCB presents a blower nozzle to blasts away rubbishes with strong air-flow.

Extended Poles

For old-fashioned house proprietors, who find it odd to clean up gutter without using a ladder, Gutter Getter is the ideal contraption. It is easy on the pocket too. This 42-inch extended pole enables you to scoop out leaves, twigs or cobwebs from the drain-interior as well as around and under of gutter hangers.

On the other hand, AirLeave is the powerful blaster that uses air to blow off debris from the clogged drain.

Green Blade Telescopic Gutter Cleaner

This telescopic gutter cleaner flaunts cutting-edge technology.  For DIY lovers, it won’t get better than this. The extended shaft allows you to blow off leaves, twigs, and old nests from rain gutter, curbs and other dubious spots, while being connected from garden hose.

The 1.05m-1.74m telescopic size makes it convenient to monitor the location of the debris while you are remaining on the ground. This kit comes with a metal neck and zinc valve. The water spray coming out from the other end of the blower can be maneuvered into different directions.

Gutter Monitoring Camera

Gutter monitoring camera system is another high-tech gadget that is taking the industry by storm. You will find plenty of selections in the market. In any case, for long-term arrangement, it would be prudent advisable to go for the best camera system, even if you have to shell out extra. A gutter cleaning camera system allows you to check out damp, hidden trash so that you can wash them off altogether.

Always go for weather-proof camera mount which should be flexible enough to ascend on top of a vacuum device. The mount should get on with any vacuum length between 38mm-76mm.

Cleaning a gutter can take all day, especially for multi-storied houses or expansive rooftops. The camera battery must deliver 6-8 hours of extra back-up to give you the leeway clean-up time. Look for 5” monitor screen for ideal supervision.


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