Ogee Aluminium Guttering

If you’re looking to install new gutters on your home but are worried about finding one that fits in with your traditional style architecture, look no further. With a look reminiscent of classic 19th century cast iron guttering, Ogee gutters are the right choice for you. With these gutters, you get the appearance of traditional, expensive cast iron guttering while keeping the benefits of a modern aluminium gutter. They’re lightweight, cost effective, environmentally friendly, and relatively easy to install.

ogee box gutter

Ogee Gutter Sizes & Colours

At Bespoke Guttering, our Ogee profile gutters are available in a wide range of RAL colors, from chocolate brown to anthracite grey. They are powder coated for a strong, durable finish that won’t need to be repainted and don’t require a lot of maintenance. They are available in two sizes:

  • 25mm x 90mm 
  • 150mm x 130mm 

Ogee gutters have a similar look to crown molding – they are vintage and classic but can also still work very well with more modern styles of architecture. If you’re looking to stay with something that’s a little more classic, black is a great color choice. Want to be daring and try something a little more modern and fresh? Give saffron yellow a go. There really are options to make this traditional gutter style an attractive fit for any home.

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Unique Profile

There are some distinct advantages to choosing this profile of gutter. Specifically, their shape offers some surprising benefits. Foremost, they have a larger capacity and can therefore hold more rain water. If there’s a particularly heavy downpour, an Ogee gutter will be able to handle the water run off without over spilling. Secondly, their unique shape also makes them stronger. Even though they are made out of a lightweight metal like aluminium, they are more solid once they’re pressed into the Ogee shape.

The same qualities about this shape that make it great for water capacity and strength also mean that Ogee gutters have to get routine and regular maintenance. The decorative bends in the face of the Ogee design make it easier for leaves and other debris to get caught.

How to Install

Our range of traditional moulded Ogee gutters are installed directly to the fascia of the building, which eliminates the need for brackets. This makes installation quicker and easier and gives a cleaner, more polished look to the appearance of your home. Our expert installation team fabricates pieces on site to specification in order to make sure your gutters live up to our company standards.

As with all of our products and services, we proudly offer a 30-year insurance backed guarantee. Our environmentally friendly, high quality products will stand the test of time. At Bespoke Guttering, the quality of our workmanship is second to none. We have a perfect customer service rating and will help you find the ideal gutter for your home. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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