right choice and wrong choice with tick boxesIt is important to consider how your choices will affect the environment now and in the generations to come. That is why many homeowners are seriously considering the kinds of materials used in their homes, making certain that what they choose has a positive impact on the environment. Environmental concerns have reached every part of the home improvement industry, including guttering. While aluminium is the most popular guttering material to use, it is vital that its environmental impact be examined.

Aluminium Cost And Sustainability

One major component of environment impact pertains to how many resources are being used to develop, manufacture and maintain items. Aluminium guttering actually achieves an incredible environmental impact rating in these regards. The cost of aluminium guttering is very low when compared to PVC, timber or steel. It is also goes through the recycling process. All the alternatives to aluminium are either more costly upfront or more costly over time. And aluminium is durable but lightweight, making it easy to keep up with, replace and reuse, particularly continuous aluminium guttering is fast becoming our most popular style of rain gutter. Over time, the savings that recycled aluminium provides ensure that the initial investment pays off. That makes it an affordable material for people, no matter what their budget may be. So anyone can enjoy its benefits and reduce their environmental impact.

recycling for aluminium guttering

Safety Aspects Of Aluminium

safety aspects of aluminium gutteringAluminium is an extremely safe guttering material, especially when compared to uPVC. Aluminium is non-toxic and creates no harmful by-products as a result of its decomposition. uPVC, on the other hand, gives off fumes that are toxic to the environment, when it is manufactured. PVC can also be harmful to the environment when it is broken off or chipped away. Its brittle qualities ensure that it will break down or break off at some point, causing environmental concern. Aluminium is completely safe to handle, and there is little environmental impact resulting from its widespread use. That is because much of the aluminium that is used in guttering comes directly from recycled metals. This is a material that is long lasting and can be used over and over again without consuming precious manpower, manufacturing effort or other valuable resources.

Additionally, aluminium will not react to water and change the acidity of rainwater as it falls from the roof. The same cannot be said for other guttering material. Aluminium is simply the safest, most eco friendly guttering material available, and if you have the opportunity, contact your local aluminium guttering installers and have your guttering replaced with aluminium.

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