We created the following info graphic to highlight the key benefits of seamless aluminium guttering.

Seamless Aluminium Guttering Infographic

So far we have only discussed about the astounding qualities of seamless aluminium guttering. But, shouldn’t something be said about the other essential points such as- the technical details, color options or gutter guards? We have tackled them here one-by-one.

Seamless Gutter Color Options

Aluminium enables you to paint it with any color you want. This is a fantastic material with smooth surface that can safeguard a shade. So what are the trending colors in 2017 for seamless aluminium guttering? It has to be the light gray and high/low gloss white in the neutral color category.

Then again, on the off chance that you admire bright shades, then opt for dark green-the splashing hue in this year. In online space, you will discover plenty of color charts for seamless aluminium guttering.

If you have zeroed in few potential installers already, then shoot off mails to them requesting for color catalogues. Just keep it in mind- seeing a color on computer/mobile screen is one but in the time of application on metal, there can be slight variety to that shade.


This is another critical point which you should keep it in mind before going for seamless aluminium rain gutter for your abode. Gutters these days come in two predominant styles- the K-shaped gutter and the U-shaped gutter (the latter is known as half-round gutter too).

Would you like to replicate a historical touch to your house? Then U-shape should be your choice for seamless guttering, as it has that traditional vibe in it.

Then again, for modern and minimalistic exterior decoration, K-style guttering is quite unparalleled.  Don’t think that there is glaring difference between the functionality of these two ruling styles. Both of them are sturdy choices for drainage and increase the aesthetic appeal of houses equally.

Technical Checklist

Yes, we know the devil lies in details. Be that as it may, many customers buy seamless aluminium gutters without even attempting to know about the water holding capacity, downspouts to name a few. This sometimes prompts to bad decision making during purchase. Ok, let’s discuss about the first-point.

We have mentioned in the above point that K-style gutter is the most prominent one at this time. Do you guess how much water 5” K-style seamless aluminium gutter can hold?  Well, the figure is around 1.2 gallons. Increase the gutter size by 1 inch and the gutter capacity will scale up around 2.0 gallons.

On the off chance the roof-top area of your house is 600 sq ft, then a 2X3 downspout is ideal. For 1200 sq ft., 3X4 downspout is the perfect measure.

Can It Be A DIY Project?

DIY home improvement projects are gaining traction around the world.  It might sound lucrative to install seamless guttering on your own just by seeing YouTube videos and reading how-to guides. So let’s find out what are the possible deterrents you might face during DIY seamless aluminium gutter installation.

Right off the bat, you will need a special machine to cut metal sheets from the aluminium rolls. With low-budget, you might borrow it. Otherwise purchasing it in a soaring price is the final option.

The aluminum rolls, which are used in seamless guttering, normally remain 5 inches wide. It’s quite bothersome to convey them from the shop to your backyard.  A pickup truck or a SUV won’t do. Your car has to have special brackets to accommodate the rolls.

Lastly, the actual work mainly involves steps such as- measuring, fixing the gutter on fascias, testing its strength and sealing it before stop-end.

Not very easy to execute, isn’t it? That’s why this is always wise to seek out expert assistance here. If installed properly, seamless aluminium gutter can last you a life-time. So don’t botch this up by self-inflicted error.

three men hanging on Seamless Guttering to show its strength

Why Professional Installation Is Best?

Seeking professional help during installation as well as repairing of seamless guttering- should be the best idea. You will discover lots of experienced contractual workers in the marketplace, who can do this job effortlessly and within budget. A quick Google search will give you plenty of results of noted independent craftsmen as well as construction companies in your locality.

Take help of reviewing sites to go through the experiences of past clients of their services. Educate yourself with more technical nitty-gritty. This will give you an impetus to prepare questionnaire to grill the short-listed installers.

Handy Tips

Seamless aluminium guttering needs zero maintenance. But this zero maintenance attribute doesn’t come from nothing. Gutter guard is the one factor that guarantees longevity for the aluminum guttering. So during the installation of seamless guttering, make sure that the guard should fit the gutter properly.

Choose a metallic gutter guard instead of a plastic one. The former will last longer. In case you are living in a densely polluted area with high carbon rate in the air, even the seamless gutter may need special attention.

You can clean up the stain it gathers over the time- with mild cleansing solution. But don’t do it without expert’s suggestion. Lastly, do keep it in mind that gutter screen doesn’t keep away small twigs, few leaves from entering into the gutter itself all the time. Setting up realistic expectation is the key to go ahead here.

How To Measure Gutter Size?

Measuring the correct gutter size for your house needs statistical record of maximum rainfall in your locality as well as mathematical measurement of your rooftop. So you can guess well enough that, this is a complex calculation, which can’t be elaborated much in such a short space.

Here’s a quick highlight- the common perception among house-proprietors about seamless guttering is – the size depends upon the average rainfall the gutter will receive.

Contrarily, the gutter dimension is correlated to the maximum rainfall your house rooftop can expect on a given time.

If you are living in a part of the country where it rains sporadically with less intensity, then a 4 inch (approx) gutter size may do for your house. Where it downpours with more force, go for bigger gutter size that sways between 5”-8”, depending upon pro-recommendation.

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