UPVC Guttering

We supply and install a large variety of guttering styles. UPVC guttering is a practical option for someone who does not want to invest in some of the more expensive aluminium options. Our standard PVC guttering comes in four profiles, square, half round, ogee, and deep flow. However we can pretty much produce whatever size, shape and colour you require:

Half Round

Half Round

Our most popular choice, a great all rounder, suitable for most properties.



Better suited to older, and more traditional properties.

Square Line

Square Line

Best suited to ‘new build’ and modern properties.

Deep Flow

Deep Flow

Ideal for large roof areas or areas with higher than normal rainfall.

To compliment our UPVC guttering we also provide barge boards, fascias and soffits in a wide range of colours and styles.

Superior UPVC Construction

If you use low quality materials, the UPVC could deteriorate from exposure to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. It’s also more likely to break or be damaged if hit by a tree branch or storm debris. UPVC gutters will probably need replacing before aluminium gutters will, but if installed properly, the will last for a while. Rest assured, the UPVC gutters we install are of the highest quality. We use high quality plastic and minimize seams to keep the integrity of the gutter strong. We only use the very best for our customers, no matter which material you choose.

Our high quality UPVC gutters are come in one piece and are generally easy to modify to the exact specifications of your home. Because it is produced in long sections, there are minimal seams which lower the chance of damage. Plastic is more flexible than metal, so UPVC gutters can take a little bit push without bending or denting. They don’t require painting because if they are scratched or dinged, the color is the same through the entire thickness of the material and the damage won’t obviously show.

Range of UPVC Profiles

Though we can pretty much produce whatever size, shape, and colour guttering you require, our standard UPVC gutters come in the following four styles:

Half Round – This is our most popular choice. A half round guttering system is a simple, great all around shape that will work well for most properties.

Ogee – An Ogee gutter is reminiscent of crown moulding and has a classic, traditional look. This type of UPVC gutter would be best suited to older, more traditional properties as it would more closely match the architectural style, although that boils down to personal preference and you may love the way it looks on your newly build home. Ogee gutters can carry a good amount of water but debris often has a hard time passing through it’s unique shape. Ogee gutters will need regular cleaning to make sure they do not become clogged.

Square Line – Our square line UPVC guttering is best suited for newer builds and more modern. Properties. This carries more water than the half round.

Deep Flow – Deep flow gutters are ideal for large roof areas and in climates with excessive rainfall. They can hold more water than the other UPVC options without overspilling. If you have a large house in an area where it rains a lot, this is the gutter you need.

In addition to our UPVC guttering, we also offer PVC cladding, barge boards, fascia, and soffits. In a wide range of colours and styles.

As always, at Bespoke Guttering we stand behind our high quality products and excellent service. We’re always here to answer any questions or to provide a free quote. If you’re looking to replace your home’s gutters, please give us a call.

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